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Elevate the influence of your brand.

This is a call to action for business leaders who understand that great brand experiences are primarily determined by public perception. It is also true that consistent, audience-aware brand presence across all points of contact will beneficially influence public perception.  

Third Story Creative centers on brand and web design/development for businesses seeking highly effective brand influence. With so much at stake, the effort required is well worth pursuing. And as is true for most worthwhile things, everything begins with a conversation.

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Illustration of Dale Janzen, Creative Lead

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The Short Story

In small agencies or as an independent creative, I've been involved with brand and marketing design for over thirty years, from the analog days of drawing boards and rubber cement to now everything created on the screen in front of me. Tools and processes constantly change, but the idea of creating client value remains fresh, and always at the core of the work. Located in the greater Chicago area, Third Story Creative designs and develops brand and web (Webflow) projects, teaming with outside expertise as necessary. Questions, comments and project inquires are always welcome. Let's talk!

Selected Work

I’ve been privileged to successfully collaborate with a wide variety of interesting clients and assignments including a number of major corporations including Fujifilm, Motorola, Hyatt Hotels and many other businesses of all shapes and sizes and focus. Presented below is a selection of client work including more recent brand and web projects that Third Story Creative has been retained to produce, with just a quick read for context.


Jax Sauce Co


Chicago-based startup endeavor featuring a variety of hand-crafted gourmet BBQ sauces and rubs, with a loyal and growing community of fans. On a mission to empower back yard grill heroes — most definitely the house on the block you want to be invited to for BBQ and a cold beverage... oh man!


Brand design, development and ongoing rollout assigned to Third Story Creative in conjunction with the Jax Sauce Co flavor wizards. Website discovery and planning in process.

Jax Sauce Co logo lockup
Jax Sweet and Smoky Memphis Sauce
Jax Buffalo Wingy Sauce
Jax Alabama White Sauce
Jax Tangy Carolina Sauce
Front and back views of Jax promotional t-shirts


BRAND / web

Steel mills, nuclear power facilities, refineries, huge manufacturing and processing plants of all types. Who runs all the massive logistics required to keep the moving parts moving at the very tightest of tolerances? For many, it falls to the folks at CFM/VR-TESCO, a recognized industry leader since 1974 for on- and off-site maintenance and emergency service. Anywhere in the world, any time.


Website design and development is the first part of a major brand refresh assigned to Third Story Creative. Additional brand and marketing materials to follow.

Laptop and phone images showing client website

Big Daddy Dave


Dave is an engaging, enthusiastic kind of guy who brings his impressive BBQ truck and trailer show to your event. He works the smoker and the grill, his people set out and manage the entire spread, and everyone else gets to chill and enjoy their friends, the crazy-good BBQ, and the party!

Third Story Creative developed and presented a fun, heroic brand look and feel based on the idea that Dave —what he does and especially how he does it — is the face of the overall brand experience. While it was initially well received, Dave eventually decided on a less self-centric approach. All good. Can’t win them all. Still, I like where this concept was headed well enough to feature it here. Not every venture is buttoned-down corporate.

Big Daddy Dave brand lockup art
Dave t-shirt front and back
BDD mobile screen image

Entrusted Ministries

BRAND / web

The folks at Entrusted produce biblical study materials, training, and programs. The centerpiece of their work is the Mom’s Ministry Program, focusing on moms who are committed to raising their children according to biblical principles. Family relationships are nurtured through this program and hearts/lives are changed.


Entrusted assigned Third Story Creative to undertake what has become an ongoing brand refresh, updating all study, program , and training materials in addition to website design and development.

Entrusted Ministries laptop and mobile image

Brand Elements


This variety of graphic elements are like unique puzzle pieces that when put into their specific context, help breathe life into the brand expression. And yes, they are always fun to concept and design! 


— Proposed brand mark for LeaderTreks
— Brand graphic for a creative retail gallery
— Visual element for an investment group
— Brand lockup for a construction company
— Section theme graphic for a blog
— Logo for ValueHound, an investment group
— Theme graphic for LeaderTreks
— Proposed headstock mark for a custom luthier
— Brand mark for a photographer

Creative Life logo
Design element for investment group
Logo for construction company
blog coffee-themed graphic
Logo for land investment group
Theme graphic for LeaderTreks
Headstock graphic for guitar maker
Logo for photographer


BRAND / web

Run2Truth offers in-depth biblical studies for women which can be used in a small group setting or for personal study. At times Barb Wilson, author of the studies, will teach a selected study in-person for registered participants. All studies and additional materials can be purchased through the website.


Third Story Creative works with Run2Truth to design and produce the study covers and internal workbook formats various marketing materials, and website design and development.

Run2Truth laptop and mobile image

Classic Color


Referring to Classic Color as “just another printer” is like referring to a classic Porsche 911 as “just another car.” They are true masters of ink on paper as well as emerging digital platforms. I’ve had the pleasure of producing work for them and complete satisfaction in their work done for clients. If it sounds like I am a fan, that’s because I am.

Over a period of time Third Story Creative has been retained to design and produce a variety of marketing print materials, with several examples shown below, including (top) Chicago Creative Directory insert, and (bottom) the announcement pieces of Classic Color’s Brand Management Solution. 

Classic Color creative directory cover
Classic Color creative directory spread
Classic Color brand management book cover
Classic Color brand management book spread
Classic Color brand management brochure cover
Classic Color brand management brochure spread